Rules and Regulations

We at MSMANIAR Financials (Private) Limited do not accept payment in cash in access of PKR. 25,000

PSX Rulebook (English)

PSX Rulebook (Urdu)

General Regulations

Listing Regulations

Over the Counter

Cash-Settled Futures Contract

Provisionally Listed Companies

Short Selling, 2002

Proprietary Trading

Margin Trading, 2004

Karachi Automated Trading System (KATS)

Regulations Governing System Audit [Regulatory Compliance] of the Brokers of the PSX

Regulations Governing Index Option Contracts

Risk Management

Regulations for Branch Offices

Regulations Governing Stock Index Futures Contract (SIFC)

Deliverable Futures Contract

Members' Default Management Regulations

Bond Automated Trading System (BATS) Regulations

Investors Protection Fund Regulations

Regulations Governing Market Makers

Regulations Governing Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Internet Trading Regulations of KSE